Monday, April 13, 2009


So below is a look at Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's re-make sequel to his re-make of Halloween called H2 (because the great big words Halloween 2 are too much for the Disco Metal King to utter). Besides the fact that this is a re-make of a sequel to a re-make of a movie, or the fact that Rob Zombie's Halloween re-make blew ass chunks all over the theater, the quote "In the sequel you'll see many faces of Michael Myers, including unmasked" from Zombie himself bugs me.

It also bugs me that enough morons went and saw the first remake to warrant a second one. I'm also trying to ignore Zombie's rant when he finished the first Halloween re-make about how stupid it would be to do a re-make of a sequel to a re-make of an original. I'm trying to see how often I can use the word re-make before it loses all meaning.

Apparently H2 (remember, Halloween 2 is too long) picks up right after the end of Halloween 1 (the re-make). I'm kind of bummed on that, I was hoping between the movies the kids that lived would take some acting classes and Zombie would take a course on writing, directing and pacing a movie. Oh well, I guess it's another batch of shit stir fry from a man who decided he could make movies because he directed Dance Metal videos.

I hate everything including these photos

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