Friday, January 8, 2010


One of my many child-of-the-eighties faux pax was that I never liked The A-Team. It might have been that I was more Sci-fi based than army action so I preferred Knight Rider, The Hulk, The Greatest American Hero and shows of that ilk. It was also weird for me to see Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica in jeans trying to woo some girl so he could get a free getaway car. Whatever the reason I just didn't vibe on it the way I did with other shows and I paid a hefty price in the teasing I got because of it. The funny part was that I love Mr.T from all the wrestling stuff he was involved with but whatever I digress. Here is the new trailer for the A-Team movie and it looks wrong, off, as if the plan just didn't come together. Like I said I'm not super upset over this because to be honest it doesn't effect me but with just a critical eye on the trailer I don't think this will do well. Here's the trailer:

The main thing I'm having issue with is the casting and the tone. I love Liam Neeson but he just doesn't work here at all as Hannibal Smith. It feels like what it is, a European actor trying to do a tough guy American John Wayne thing. The guy playing BA Baracus is tough but lacks Mr. T's charm, plus giving him that haircut was a baaad idea. Sharlto Copley again feels like a European actor trying desperately to do a "crazy american" but making it feel more like a skit making fun of that than a real person. The only one who works for me is Bradley Cooper because he's great at playing the sleaze ball and that's exactly what the character was. Here's my casting choice:

Hannibal Smith: Bruce Willis
BA Baracus: Ice Cub (yep he'd have to work out but he could do it and he'd be funny)
Howlin Mad Murdock: Thomas Lennon (from Reno 911. I don't like that show but he'd be perfect)
Face: Bradley Cooper

I don't know I think that would work better. The other problem is that the trailer makes it look like the film flips from action to comedy but not very well, something I think will fall squarely on the shoulders of the actors. Who knows it might be amazing but somehow I just don't think so.

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