Thursday, January 7, 2010


Apparently the 2011 summer movie wars have started early. I'm sure we all remember when Sam Raimi decided he'd be involved in directing both Spider-Man 4 and 5 along with Tobey Maguire. Raimi and his cronies had been fucked pretty hard by Spidey 3 basically because it sucked large throbbing donkey balls. Emo Peter Parker? Dance numbers? A wasted Gwen Stacey? It all added up to one giant vat of suck. Afterward Raimi toddled off to do Drag Me To Hell which was also a crapfest and his fans responded in kind. I'm guessing this next bit of news comes because Raimi is tired of getting burned by bad scripts and Hollywood hype machines.

Spidey 4 is hiatus for right now because Raimi is being forced to add in a bunch of shit the film doesn't need. The movie company bean counting scumbags want a love triangle involving MJ and Felicia Hardy "The Black Cat" plus they want at least two more villains. I guess everybody hating Spidey 3 due to the rushed and botched Venom inclusion didn't move these movie industry leeches, they just don't seem to want to learn.

The other problem is that Raimi's original idea kind of sucks to. He wants The Vulture to be the bad guy and to travel around with The Vulturess, who I'm assuming is his daughter or protege or both. The Vulture is kind of a suck character, especially to base an entire movie around. Though neither party will say outright that Spidey 4 is all done the May 6th 2011 release date has suddenly been taken by Thor. I don't know, that seems like a sure bet things are rocky right now. Whatever the case I'm sure Spidey 4 will be as bad as 1-3 but now it might not get made

I can dream can't I?

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