Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Where The Wild Things Are is one of my few treasured memories from childhood. I must've read the book a thousand times and even had my dad make me a costume of the child for two Halloweens. It's also one of the few childhood things I have that has been left unpolluted by the raging serpent cock of Corporate Hollywood which spews it's acid jizz all over anything that matters burning it into the soulless cinders of high bottom line.

The only reason I'm not heading to Hollywood with high explosives for making a movie out of this treasure is that Sike Jonze is doing it and I trust that he knows how special it is. If you look at the poster below and look at how the kid is acting you can tell Spike gets it. I'm not sure how to explain what I mean other than when I first saw Heath Ledger in the test make up for the Joker I knew he would be the one. Anyway, here's the new poster. Let's how Spike keeps my faith alive.

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