Monday, March 23, 2009


One of the greatest DVD releases in the superhero world was the 2 disc set of the old Aquaman show, which aired in the 60s alongside Superman. The show was just a plain old good time. Aquaman and his trusty sidekick Aqualad patrolled the ocean and fought off bad guys. It was wonderfully animated and a lot of fun. One of my favorite things was Aqualad (voiced by Jerry Dexter) and his long list of exclamations when trouble arose. Here now, in what may be my dorkiest move ever, is a list of all those sayings:

Holy Hurricanes
Mumbling Morays
Bumbling Blowfish
Sufferin Catfish
Jumpin Jellyfish
Mumbling Mantas
Sufferin Seashells
Holy Haddock
Hopping Toadfish
Leaping Lionfish
Holy Halibut
Flappin FrostFish
Sufferin Sea Snakes
Pounding Pigfish
Bouncing Butterfish
Jumpin Jackfish
Sufferin Sunfish
Weepin Weakfish
Sputtering Spoonbills
Holy Hackfish
Leapin Lampreys
Holy Mackerel
Sufferin Seasnails
Murmuring Moonfish
Holy Hagfish
Jumpin Porcupine Fish
Wailing Woolfish
Gallopin Guppies
Slithering Seaweed
Flippin Flounders
Shivering Shellfish
Soarin Sailfish
Leapin Lonefish
Holy Hagfish
Howling Houndfish

There you have it, collect 'em, trade 'em, share 'em with your friends!!!

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