Sunday, October 18, 2009


What you're viewing is the new teaser poster for the biggest "event" to happen to Image Comics since Al Simmons made a deal with a Hellspawn and ironically it has yet again to do with Al Simmons. Image is about to launch Image United where the heroes that populate the comic brand must united against a single foe. Savage Dragon, Spawn, Youngblood and others will all be forced to work together for the six issue limited series penned by Walking Dead/Invincible scribe Robert Kirkman. The best part is that their common enemy will be....dun dun duuuuuun...Al Simmons!!

I know those of you who love comics are asking yourself "Al Simmons? He's Spawn, how can Spawn vs Spawn?" Essentially Al Simmons blew his brains out a few months ago and McFarlane has been introducing us to a new Spawn. When Al Simmons returns, apparently pissed off, it takes more than the new Spawn to stop him.

I'm amped on this story for several reasons. First off Image Comics has been loathe to immerse themselves in the constant "event" series the way the big two (DC, Marvel) have so when this series was announced it was actually different and exciting. I also like that it's a straight six issue series, not one that permeates every Image title currently going. Marvel (and on a lesser side DC) love to force you to buy every fucking hero they put out by running their events through every book. Add that to Robert Kirkman writing it and I am all signed up for the battle.

On the Spawn side I'm hoping this is the end of Al Simmons for good or if not that it regulates back to the Spawn books where Spawn new and old can slap out at each other. The first 30 issues of Spawn was some of the greatest comic book art and writing ever to be unleashed upon the world. Then it hit a wall and spent the next 100 or so issues retreading the same shit over and over. When Simmons died and McFarlane took the series over around issue 190 is sprang to life. As of right now it's kicking much ass, let's hope this Image United series either hammers the nail on the Al Simmons coffin to the new Spawn can grow or gives the new Spawn a serious foe outside of the Clown who has really overstayed his welcome.

Only time will tell

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